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iOT connect that give you access to your own fully connected, private global network.

Your Private Network

Bringing you Global Coverage At Local Rates

iONLINE’s all in one global solution allows you to expand your secure private network globally into multiple countries across the world and we are continuously expanding our network. What’s more, we use multiple providers in these countries, giving you the ability to connect to your business securely over existing mobile networks at local data rates with iONLINE being your single connectivity provider.

Connected Countries

United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Nigeria


Roaming Countries

(Local and roaming rates)
Albania, Australia, Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, Greece, Hungry, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Others*

Data Management

Every Connection Easily Tracked & Managed

iONLINE’s Data Manager gives you the ability to manage every aspect of your connected devices and the data allocation to the users/devices on your network. This gives you full control over the usage for each connection as well as features such as Usage graph’s, data notifications, Admin Controls, reporting tools and connection location lookups. These are just a few examples of the powerful features you will have in your hands 24/7.

Network Security

Advanced Connected Networks Need Advanced Security

iONLINE’s ioT Management Solution securely transmits traffic within your own network to the endpoint ensuring your data never passes through the public internet. We further secure traffic by offering advanced firewall and security network infrastructure and platforms to make sure your data is always secure and safe.

Secured Connectivity Over Existing Networks
Our  Solution allows your organisation to use the mobile network operators infrastructure as a secure way for your users and devices to connect directly into your private network.
Built In Advanced Firewall And Security Infrastructure
With iONLINE’s offerings all security systems and supporting platforms are included in our Cloud iOT offering including firewalls, IDS, IPS, DPI, proxy, hardened core system and layered security.
Control which devices can access your Network
Only devices with a Private APN provisioned connection are able to get access your private network and only if you have given those sims access to your network and only if that connection has been authorised to do so.

Converged Mobile Networks

Globally converged networks delivered.

Only devices with a Private APN provisioned connection are able to get access your private network and only if you have given those sims access to your network and only if that connection has been authorised to do so.

Multiple converged Mobile Networks

The perfect solution to allow your business to harness the power of multiple mobile data networks to stay connected

Secure Network

Reliable and secure access to your network without having to worry or compromise on security.

Location Based Services

iOnline location based services are built right into your APN giving you the ability to track your connection’s locations and so much more!

ONLINE’s Location Based Services (LBS for short) Gives you the ability to track your Connections and the location they connecting from as well as see where they have been.

This features gives you even more control on your APN while at the same time providing an additional layer of security with the ability to make sure your APN is only being used when and where it needs to be used.

Full API Integration

Seamlessly integrate your existing tools into your Private mobile network.

iONLINE’s CloudAPN API’s give you the ability to fully integrate your existing systems into your CloudAPN portal. This allows you to utilise iONLINE advanced APN features by building them into your existing automations, workflows, programs and processes with a few lines of code. 

Why CloudAPN

Managing multiple sim cards without a proper management tool is one of the most time-intensive activities an administrator can do. Not only does this waste productive time, it is extremely laborious.

iONLINE’s CloudAPN management platform has been created to save time and money by putting all the information you need at your fingertips. 

Management System

With iONLINE’s Online admin management system, you are able to manage all your Sims, users and group usage limits with ease.

Reporting tools 

Reporting functions with notification management, allows users and managers to receive real-time notifications of group and user usage. 

User Friendly Interface 

iONLINE’s CloudAPN has a User-friendly interface with Corporate Cost Centre  management built in.

Control Over Everything 

CloudAPN’s suspension and activation function included with data and cost centre group limit creation allow you to have complete control over your data.

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